Tour Time Inc.’s Vibrant New Headquarters by Studios…

Tour Time Inc.’s Vibrant New Headquarters by Studios…

This upcoming September, SmashingConf Freiburg will be taking place on Smashing Magazine’s 10th birthday and, well, we definitely wouldn’t want to celebrate it all alone.Freiburg is the smallest of all our conferences; this means a super-friendly atmosphere right at the foothills of the magical Black Forest, but also not that many seats! So, are you ready to celebrate with us?

About The Conference

Trends don’t matter, but techniques do. With another friendly, intimate conference in our lovely hometown, we want to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away. Some things never change: single track, 2 packed days, 3 workshops, 15 speakers

You have to move fast to get tickets for SmashingConf Freiburg!
You have to move fast to get tickets for SmashingConf Freiburg!

The conference will be taking place on September 12—13th 2016 at the Historic Merchants’ Hall, built 1520-30 in a little German town Freiburg im Breisgau, at the foothills of the legendary Black Forest. This is where our conferences started off, and this is why this place is so special to our hearts.

This is not your regular kind of conference. Because it’s our birthday, expect a few special surprises, magic shows, circus performance and chocolate fountains. Well, kinda.

Why This Conference Is For You

What’s a good birthday party without good ol’ friends? We’ve invited respected, experienced designers and developers working on small and large projects. You might know some of them, but probably not all of them.

Our conferences are designed to provide practical value to everybody involved. No theory, no assumptions: just things that worked (or failed) in real-life projects, and why. You’ll learn:

01 . Strategies for building fast responsive websites,
02 . Clever front-end techniques for better interfaces,
03 . Techniques and guidelines for better and faster sketching,
04 . How to architect scalable design systems.
05 . Advanced front-end and UX workflow and setup,

Have you figured out responsive design, designing for phablets and TVs, pattern libraries, SVG, flexbox, performance, HTTP/2 – and all of the other mischievous, erratic facets of designing for the web today? We haven’t either! That’s why we’re hosting our hands-on full-day workshops, with techniques and strategies by leaders of our industry. If you’re buying a conference + workshop ticket together, you’ll save $100!

We pour our heart and soul into creating a friendly, memorable and inspiring community event for everybody involved. Our goal is a valuable community event with practical talks. The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested

We keep ticket prices affordable for everyone, and we’re happy to welcome sponsors to help us make the conference smashing in every possible way. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, please drop an email to Mariona at We’d love for you to be involved!

We accept nothing less than respect and tolerance at SmashingConf. No exceptions.
We accept nothing less than respect and tolerance at SmashingConf. No exceptions.

See You In Freiburg!

We look forward to blowing out the candles with you in Freiburg this year – get ready for some smashing surprises and a smashing birthday cake that will be one in a lifetime!

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